3.1 Miles and Covid

Ran another 5K this past Saturday. It is one I have run before, but it was canceled last year (for obvious reasons - #2020).

The Chick-fil-A Moo've It 5K raises funds for organizations within the Cherokee County School District. It's a pretty big deal in our county - and it is now dubbed the largest 5K race in North Georgia. 

Why and how did it grow so large? Well, I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Chick-fil-A. I mean, we are talking about the Lord's chicken. Who wouldn't want to run for that, right?!

That's just my humble opinion.

I ran this recent race with a few of my friends I am training with to prepare for the Walt Disney World Princess 10K in 2022. 

You heard me right. We've got our sights set on Disney in February!

Us "princess prep" ladies did a pretty good job, I think.

It has been so nice to again regularly run in-person races. So thankful we've learned that Covid is not as transmissible outdoors as it is indoors. Running races outdoors is something that can be done safely. Plenty of open air/ventilation and room to social distance. It's a win!

Right now, I so need these wins. These races. Running. 

The Covid Delta variant is raging in our community. Going to work, sending the kids to school, attending church all feel like walking into a raging fire while singing, "Kumbaya, My Lord." It's like a death march, and you're not sure which soldiers will fall.

This past Friday, my youngest was fell ill with Covid. She likely got it at school where she came into close contact with a peer who had it. Thank the Lord, her case was mild, and I was able to manage her blood sugars fairly easily (she's a type one diabetic). Also a praise, thus far it appears my husband, myself, and my oldest daughter have escaped the cursed contagion. All this is not surprising as we are vaccinated, and my youngest daughter is too young to get the shot, just yet.

I guess I'm typing all this for the post's historical context. For me, now, running has been a great escape from the sad reality that is the current spread of Covid in our community. It offers opportunities of safe human interaction during a time when we should be practicing social distancing and engaging in quarantine when necessary. 

I'm looking forward to training and running as many races as I can in what remains of 2021. Right now, running the races laid out before me - with Jesus - is the only thing keeping me sane in a world that has seemingly lost its ever lovin' mind.

In short, keep running, friends. Keep running.

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