Run For It!

My second in-person race of 2021 was completed on the morning of Saturday, July 17th. This race was the second in a series of races sponsored by Run For It! Productions; the races are included in what is known as the Locomotive Race Series. 

I ran the first in this series of four races on May 17th, and the second race was in the same location - at a local mall.

The coolest thing about completing these races is that each time you finish a race, you get a medal that connects to all the other medals you will ultimately obtain.

I'm super excited to collect all this bling and complete the set! Next race is September 26th, and the final race is on December 12th.

It was a good run. My time slightly improved from my last 5K race by about 15 seconds. I'm averaging a 13 minute mile for 5Ks.

Current running goals are to complete the 5Ks in the Locomotive Race Series and train up to run the Disney Princess 10K in February of 2022. I've got a team of seven other ladies who are working toward the Disney running goal with me. It's going to be an epic ladies trip, for sure!

All I got left to say at this point is KEEP RUNNING! To slightly modify what Dory in Finding Nemo says, "Just keep running.  Just keep running."

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