New Today

On the way to my first in-person race since March of 2020, Micah Tyler's song "New Today" started playing on the radio.

I’ve been hard on myself lately
Every morning I feel the weight
When it’s hard to just get out of bed
Tell my heart
Cause sometimes I forget

That Your mercies are new today
Your mercies are new today
I can rest on Your shoulders
There is grace to start over
Your mercies are new today
Your mercies are new today

It struck something deep inside me. 2020 was rough. My youngest daughter's diagnosis of type one diabetes and then a pandemic. Man. I'm beat. 

And while 2021 brings with it the light at the end of the pandemic's tunnel, type one diabetes is forever. There is no light at the end of that tunnel. It's like being sucked into a black hole - you ain't getting out.

This past week brought with it some tough diabetes moments, and my novice ninja insulin usage skills just could not secure the wins we needed. So when that song came on the radio and I heard the words "I've been hard on myself lately," I really FELT that!

But I was driving to a race. Finally, a real race!

There's nothing like the adrenaline that starts pumping at the starting line to a race. And as my mind drifted to my destination, I was thankful for the distraction, the therapy, the time alone in my head that only a race can bring. I was thankful for God's mercies: "Your mercies are new today...There is grace to start over. Your mercies are new today..."

I got to the race location, and the entire time I was there, reminders of God's mercies were everywhere. This included the virus vehicle or Covid car - as it was referred to by the run administrators - that started the race.

Our family, by the grace of God, has avoided that damned virus, and now nearly all of us are vaccinated against it (still waiting on approval of the vaccine for those under the age of 12). Also, the spread in our community is really low right now. We are drinking in the blessings. The mercies anew each morning.

Not gonna lie. This race was pretty emotional for me. I was so thankful to be running again! So thankful my family has remained healthy this past year! So thankful for new days and their new mercies!

I ran the race that day. I mean, I really RAN it. I wasn't sure what my 5K time/pace would be, but I was pretty pleased with the results.

It was a great morning! I so needed that race. When I found out my running chicas wouldn't be able to join me, I almost didn't sign up, but I'm so glad I did it anyway. I feel reborn. The washing of a 5K and some tears of joy done me good.

Get vaccinated. Get out there. Get running again.

Help me rise like the morning sun
Help me see that Your works not done
When I’m less than what I want to be
Lord I need You to keep reminding me

Your mercies are new today
Your mercies are new today
I can rest on Your shoulders
There is grace to start over
Your mercies are new today

I kept thinking you were angry
But you were fighting just to hold me
And pick me up every time I fell
If Your love is here to lift me
And Your blood says You forgive me
Show me how I can forgive myself
Cause Your mercies are new today
Your mercies are new again and again

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