Sloth Running Team

I just realized that I never blogged about the virtual race I ran on April 3rd. Wha?! 

Better late than never, right? So, here we go...

Aptly, the title of the race was "Sloth Running Team: We'll get there when we get there." I guess you could say I adopted that attitude for the writing of this post.

I'll write it when I write it. hehe

The virtual race entry came with a shirt, a bib, and a medal (whoop whoop). Love me some running bling.

My running chicas and I chose a day (a cold day) and eventually got it done. It being a "sloth" race, again appropriately, we had planned to do it in March but ended up running it in April. See?! Everything surrounding this particular run was slow to happen - not just this blog post.

Jaimee, Kayla, and Me

It was a good time at a familiar local park, but I must confess, I'm ready for some face to face 5Ks. In fact, I found one and have already paid for the race registration. Fully vaccinated and ready to get out there! Join the team, get the vaccine!!

Next blog post coming at you on May 15th. Get ready to "go loco."

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