Live, Run, Eat Chocolate

Today, I ran the Atlanta Allstate Hot Chocolate Race for the seventh time. Every time I run this race, I find it's the perfect event to make new, beautiful memories. And this year was no exception!

This first thing that made this year's run unique was its virtual nature. Because we are still in the midst of a pandemic, there was no race in the city. So my local running buddies and I bought virtual race entries complete with running swag and began to train for the 5K we planned to run at a local park.

The morning we decided to run, I took the hot chocolate mix I got in my swag bag, put it in my favorite hot chocolate drink tumbler with some hot water, and started the day with some yummy liquid juju. 


AFTER the chocolate - I mean, priorities man! - then it was time to get my gear on and head out to meet my chicas!

It was a good run. I'm really not interested in hitting a certain time for my races this year (although, I will track it); my primary focus is to have a good time and enjoy all that running brings to my life. Including the ladies I get to share it with!

It was a good race day, and I look forward to when we can travel to Atlanta again to enjoy all that is the Allstate Hot Chocolate Race with all my fellow chocolate lovers/runners. 

Until then, live, run, and eat chocolate!

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