A Happier Time

I want to take some time today to remember a happier time.

Now, I am NOT saying I am depressed. That is not the case!

I'm just trying to say that given the current reality we all live in - a global pandemic #COVID-19 - I want to take time to reflect on a different time. One before this current time. A happier time.

A time when I traveled to the happiest place on earth to make a dream come true. A time that inspired a proud, smiling face and produced shiny bling.

After many months of training, my friends and I traveled to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February of this year.

Walt Disney World in Florida is my ultimate happy place. And traveling to that happy place with Jaimee and Kayla (#runningbuddies) to accomplish a goal I wasn't sure I would ever have the courage to tackle, well, it was a dream come true.

We awoke early (like 2:00am, I think) the morning of the race to prepare to run, and the magic started as soon as we arrived at the race venue.

We met up with another friend while there (Hi, Amy!), and we scored another magical pic.

Then we just had to wait for what seemed like forever for the race to begin.

After the fireworks finally went off for our race to begin, time flew by, and before we knew it, we were entering Magic Kingdom and making our way toward that gorgeous castle. 

About mile 5.5

Running through the castle while tackling 13.1 miles, I just can't explain it. My cup overflowed.

Getting ready to run through it...
Dream Come True

I was in the happiest place on earth, my ultimate happy place, doing something that makes me happy (#running), with ladies that make me super happy.

Me in my element.

Running to and through Magic Kingdom was THE best! Running back to and through Epcot, was, exhausting  - to say the least.

But the race ended with super shiny bling and a bus ride back to the hotel to prepare to spend the rest of the day in my happy place - Magic Kingdom.

After eating great food, enjoying a parade, and riding some rides, the day ended as it should when you are at Disney. Watching the best fireworks show around.

Truly, magical. A happier time. One of the happiest you could have on this earth.

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