Reindeer Games

Last Saturday, my running chicas and I ran our first 10K together. We are slowly increasing the mileage to reach our ultimate goal... (to be revealed at a later date).

This 10K was a reindeer run. All races in December seem to be called reindeer runs or some variation of that cute title. And why not? December = Christmas = Santa = Reindeer

Doesn't matter what it was called, really. We were ready for it!

Well, THEY were ready for it. I woke up with some stomach cramps, and I was pretty tired. Which is why this happened...

Now, what you should notice in this picture - aside from the race timer that looks like an ankle monitor - is that I have on two different shoes.

Yes. That's right. I put on one of my shoes (on the left) and one of my husband's shoes (on the right). 

I didn't even realize it until I got to the race. 

Thankfully, the shoes are the same brand and only a half size difference, so I don't think it adversely affected my running.

Overall, the event was good. We had a great time accomplishing this new group goal and closing out the race. (Yes, we came in last. But hey, we're still faster than those of you who were sitting on the coach that morning ;-)

I was going to do something more with this post, but the fatigue I woke up with this past Saturday has extended itself into my week. This runner/teacher is counting down to Christmas break!

Happy Holidays!

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