Hickory Flat Out 5K

This morning, I ran the second race of this renewed running season in my life: The Hickory Flat Out 5K.

This is a race I have run before - two years ago. It is a Labor Day tradition for many where I live.

When I looked back at my race time for this course in 2017, I ran it in 36 mins. This year, my time was 37:34. An increase of over a min and a half. But I'm not upset about that. At all. I'm excited it wasn't more of an increase. #glasshalffull #smallvictories  ;-)

Running buddy Jordan and I

At the end of the day, all I can really say is, I am happy to be running again, and I am excited to be making more running plans.

Keep an eye out for updates! Try to guess... where will Jamie run next?!


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