Moo've It

This morning, a new season in my life began.

I have not run a race since August of last year, but that changed this morning.

I ran the race that just so happened to be that last race I ran in 2018: The Chick-fil-A Moo've It 5K.

My favorite, fabulous running buddies!

I had a great time and did better than I ever expected I would. When I last ran this race, my time was 44:30. And today, my time was 38:38! My training paid off!

It was a good day with great people for an amazing cause (our local schools).

Hot, tired, but happy!

Eat More Chicken

Can you guess which one didn't run the race? LOL

And there was one pic my phone must have taken when I was otherwise occupied...

I like it. I seem to be looking forward. Toward something. Focused on more.

I want to run more races. In fact, as soon as I'm done writing this post, I'm going to sign up for my next race.

If you are not a runner, you cannot understand this compulsion. And you will never understand it. Not until you get up off the couch and just... Moo've It.

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