This Magic Moment: The Disney Princess 5K

Once upon a time, in the southern state of Georgia, there lived a runner who had a dream. Her greatest fantasy was to one day dress up as her favorite fairy tale princess (Snow White) and run through one of the parks at Walt Disney World.

Every year, she read runners' blog posts about their dashes through Disney. She scrolled through pics on her Facebook news feed of her friends racing in the most magical place on earth. And every year, she would longingly say to herself, "I'm going to do that... one day..."

Years passed, and finally, the runner could stand it no longer. She knew she must do whatever it took to make this dream a reality!

So, she messaged some of her most beloved friends and running buddies. She proposed that they unite and work together to make this fantasy an actuality. And they agreed!

Upon hearing her three girlfriends had her back - as they had similar ambitions of dressing up and running through one of the happiest places in all the land -  the runner called upon her friends at Magically Ever After Travel. And with the assistance of agent Jenny Casey, the plans were set to run the magical 5K through Epcot during the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend presented by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

When the day arrived for the runner and her fellow females to embark on the journey, she simply could not contain her joy. Smiling from ear to ear at 4am, she awoke that morning, readied herself, grabbed the bags she had already packed, and, accompanied by her friend Jordan, drove to pick up her other two running buddies Jaimee and Dusty. Their journey had begun!

The drive to Walt Disney World went quickly by, and before they knew it, the runners had arrived at what appeared to be runners' heaven on earth - the runDisney Health and Fitness Expo!

At the expo, they picked up their race bibs and shirts, purchased a couple racing items, and got further excited by the running atmosphere.

New hat!
Reluctantly, they then went to check-in at their hotel, but soon after dropping off their bags, the runners went to Disney Springs to shop! Too excited, they stayed out very late but eventually went back to their lodging to rest up for the race the next morning.

At 3am, the runner's alarm went off, and she awoke to the sound of Snow White singing "I'm Wishing." She sprung out of bed, yet again smiling from ear to ear, and proceeded to get dressed in her Snow White running outfit purchased from Rock City Skirts.

Dressed as her favorite princess and accompanied by her dear friends, the now newly transformed running princess made her way to the 5K start line. Absolutely nothing could ruin this magical day. And magical it was!

Fireworks marked the start of the race!

Everything was enchanting as she ran among other runners also realizing their dreams coming true. And what made the whole experience even more amazing was that she got to run the race with her bestest running buddie, Jaimee.

It was absolutely spellbinding running through the night with Disney music filling the air and everything all aglow.

The running buddies stopped on occasion to take pictures of moments they wanted to remember forever.

It was an extraordinary experience!

Even crossing the finish line felt magical.

And as if all that wasn't enough to make the runner smile for the rest of her life, at the conclusion of the race, she and her friend were handed a beautiful talisman to forever gaze upon and remember their spellbinding journey together.

The runner's dream had finally come true!

To further mark the momentous occasion, after refreshing themselves back at the hotel, the runner and her friends then spent the rest of the day at The Magic Kingdom where even more wonderful, fascinating, and altogether marvelous moments were realized!

Driving back to Georgia the next day, after a few more stops to shop, the friends fondly remembered their time in Walt Disney World. After everyone arrived home safely, the runner laid her head on her pillow that night knowing now - after finally realizing her dream of dressing up as Snow White and running through one of the parks at Walt Disney World - now she could live happily ever after.

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