A Running Daughter Of The King

This morning, I got the opportunity to run at my favorite running location. It's a local park that joins with another park. It's beautiful. And it's flat ;-)

I've been updating my playlist - cause I just gotta have tunes when I run - and one of the most recent songs I've added is Tricia Brock's "Daughter of the King."

My oldest daughter, Beth, brought this song to my attention, and it is simply wonderful. Full of truths!

Truths I needed to hear this morning...

All you ever wanted to be

Was someone the world would see

You dress to impress

You put on your best

And all it left you was empty

Running and listening to the lyrics that began this tune, I began to consider my priorities in this life...

What am I doing? Why am I doing it? 

But a dress won't make a princess

And jewels won't make a queen

Cause you were made for more than this

You're worth more than what you see

I ponder over this a lot when I run: Am I spending time on what really matters? What really matters? Who really matters?

My husband... my girls... my Jesus...

You are fearfully and wonderfully

A daughter of the King

You are perfect in the Maker's eyes

Even when you don't believe

His love poured out for who you are

Not who you wanna be

You are fearfully and wonderfully made

A daughter of the King

And perspective comes when I run to tunes that hold such truth, like this one. I see what matters most in this life. My Jesus and how He sees me. 

Living. Running. For Him. I am His daughter.

There's a simplicity in this. A peace that comes from contemplating this...

It's not about the things you can see

The mirror has the world deceived

Just look at you heart to find who you are

Cause image is not in beauty

While running, listening to this song, I find rest. That sounds contradictory, but it's true. I find rest knowing that I am His daughter. I am His. Fearfully and wonderfully made. For such a time as this. 

I do not run in vain.

And in this knowledge, I feel strong.

So I will continue to run the race before me.

And time will fade

Beauty will age

But the good we do lives on

Cause the glass slipper only lasts so long 

Run on, daughter of the King!

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