5 Years of The Color Run

This race always comes at the right time each year.

Just when the school year has beaten me into a pile of complete exhaustion. Just as spring has sprung and so have my students - who are almost daily out of their seats and their minds. #teacherproblems

Just when I've neglected my children, my husband, my house, and my soul to the point where life has seemed to turn a drab shade of grey...

The color run happens.

And things begin to pink up again. #punintended

This event reminds me to live life. It reminds me to enjoy life. Every aspect of it. Every moment. Life is a gift meant to be received, opened, and savored. And somewhere in all the redundancy of the day to day, I forget to do this - I forget to appreciate life.

So much can change in the blink of an eye, and things or people you've taken for granted are gone. And regrets creep in and try to choke you.

I don't want that. Ever. Regrets. I say no. You're not welcome here. Not in my life.

Join me in that, will you? #noregrets #live

The color run inspires me; it reminds me to do just that - live. No holding back. Just do it! So that's what my bestie Jaimee and I did this past Saturday. We went out and carped that diem! Color run style!!!

pre-run selfie
I guess that's why I keep coming back to this race year after year. This was my fifth color run. And each year has been a blast!

And this year, it was all rainbows and unicorns, just me and my best friend!

I mean, come on people! Unicorns!!!

Unicorns are magical. They inspire us. These mythical beasts represent goodness and purity.

Of course just thinking about them makes us happy!

They are just like chocolate - totally awesome!!!

And because of what Jesus did for me on the cross, I'm all those things too. Now that's a reason to celebrate and live this gift that is life!

Today, live it with me. Go carpe that diem!

Running Tip: Be a Unicorn!

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