The First Race Report of 2017

My fourth Hot Chocolate 5K (I have been running for 4+ years now) was completed last month.  This race remains at the top of my "gotta run this one" racing list for multiple reasons:

First - FRIENDS!

This is a race for girlfriends. Females running together for chocolate equals fun! How could it not?!

Second reason to run this race - CHOCOLATE!

Those who know me know I love chocolate. And if you are a fellow chocolate lover, you MUST participate in this event. Just imagine, after pushing yourself forward 3.1 miles, consuming rich hot chocolate, then enjoying marshmallows, rice crispy treats, and bananas dipped in melted chocolate! It's as close to a utopia as you can possibly get here on earth.

The final reason to run this race - FUN!

This race inspires fun. Silly is your middle name as you run toward your chocolate waiting for you at the finish line.

So I obviously recommend signing up for the Hot Chocolate 5K/15K race whenever it next comes near you. Get a group of friends together, and go enjoy some chocolate!

Running Tip: Indulge sometimes. #chocolate

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