My Final Race of 2016

My final 5K race for 2016 is "in the books."

This race is organized by our county service league which raises money for children in need. It is another run for a great cause, and this year, it was being held at my favorite park (which has a mostly flat running course)!

Last time I ran this race was in 2013. I had a good time, despite the rain, but the course at the time was filled with too many hills. And they didn't have a shirt for me even though I preregistered. So for those reasons, I wasn't really motivated to run it again any time soon.

However, they changed the course to my favorite place to run, so I couldn't resist. And besides, my running buddy was going to be there with her daughter! I had to go!

I completed the 5K in 33:58. I almost beat my best 5K time for 2016, but evidently, I ran that same course back in June for a time of 33:30. Irregardless, I was happy to end the year with such a good race time.

I have run over forty 5K races since I started running in the fall of 2012! And guess what? It never gets old. I love it! I love the exercise, the fellowship, the memories...

 Come on 2017! Let's run some more!!

Today's forget-me-not: Don't ever stop running!

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