for the truly terrifying times

(Adapted from John 6:16-21 NIV)

It was evening. It was dark.

But they were traveling. Trying to reach a destination.

They got into a row boat and set off across a lake.

Suddenly, a strong wind was blowing and the waters grew rough.

They pressed on.

The disciples were surely tired. They were probably desperate for relief from the fierce wind and wild waves.

But they rowed on. For approximately three and a half miles, they rowed on.

Because what else can you do? Stuck in the middle of a lake. In the midst of a storm.

When life gets dark and the winds of unexpected change and the waves of shattered dreams begin to crash over you again and again and again, what else can you do but row on?

And when you are the most terrified? When you're not sure if you can make it through on your own? Guess who shows up?

Jesus. Walking on the troubled waters. Toward you. The absolutely terrified you.
And he says, "It is I; don't be afraid."

See Him. Let Him in the boat. Let Him take you to your destination.

It's okay. He's got you. He's got this. Trust Him.

"Then they were willing to take him into the boat, and immediately, the boat reached the shore where they were heading." (John 6:21 NIV)

Today's forget-me-not: my hurting friends

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