Christian Running Playlist

I am trying to get back into a running groove.

I got out of my routine of running at least twice, more often than not three times, a week when summer hit. We got terribly busy, had a trip to Indiana to see my relatives, and I got lazy. When school started back up, I swore I would get myself into my routine of running two mornings a week and then a third time on Saturday mornings, but the start of the year at a new school has left me exhausted - physically and mentally.  The end result is that, lately, I find myself not wanting to run.

This has happened to me before, and I thought I would share something simple I do when I get in a rut like this. When I need to be inspired to get my butt out the door again.

I update my running playlist!

If you are a Christian and a runner, I think you will find some of the tunes listed below would be a great addition to your run. They have a great message and a good beat!

Do you have some songs you could recommend for me as I update my playlist?

Happy running!

Today's forget-me-not: My running playlist!

1. You Make Me Brave - Bethel Music
2. The List - Matthew West
3. Who I Am - Blanca
4. Sky Spills Over - Michael W. Smith
5. Day One - Matthew West
6. Saturate - Bethany Worship
7. Awake and Alive - Skillet
8. One More - Superchick
9. All You've Done - Brad & Rebekah
10. Run - Sanctus Real

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