my story about a Precious kitty

In the summer of the year 2000, a certain black cat, about two years of age, adopted our back porch as her new home.

My black kitty on the right, obviously, and the kitty we got a year later on the left.
This picture shows the sliding glass door to the porch where I first found this sweet cat.
I had just gotten married a year earlier and moved to Georgia from Indiana. The move was emotionally harder than I expected, and I was still battling homesickness. Back in the Midwest, I had left behind a cat I was particularly fond of. It was one of many things I was missing after moving south with my new husband.  So when this black cat made her entrance into my life, it felt good to have a feline available to hold and pet and cuddle again.  She made me smile with her sweet demeanor. She made me feel a little less lonely. It was amazing how friendly she was!

I began to spend a good bit of time out on the back porch where she would hop into my lap and purr while I stroked her ebony fur.  I would whisper to her, "You are just so precious! Oh, so precious!"

I became very attached to her, and I wanted desperately to make her our indoor kitty. I was afraid something awful would happen to her the longer she remained outdoors. Unfortunately, the contract of the town home we were renting specifically stated, "No animals."

Despite this obstacle, I begged my husband to call the landlord and ask him if he wouldn't mind making an exception for us. I just knew this would work. It had to! I was certain God wanted me to have this cat. So, reluctantly, hubby called the property owner.  And, surprisingly, he said we could take in the stray cat!

Upon hearing this great news, we took in the most precious black cat anyone could ever meet.  In fact, that's what my husband suggested we name her, Precious, since every time I looked at her that word would escape my lips.

Loving her was so easy because she loved us back twofold. For fifteen years, she was a beautiful addition to our family.

Sadly, on Thursday, June 4th, we had to make the decision to put Precious to rest as she most likely had some type of cancer which was evidenced by a big tumor near her throat.  She was obviously in pain, and we couldn't let that go on.  Although it grieved me greatly, it was the least I could do for this precious kitty who had brought me such comfort when I was hurting. Now, it was my turn to provide relief to pain as she had done for me so many years ago.

And when I said my goodbye as I held her in my arms, I said, "Thank you."  Those two words, I uttered them over and over again as I stared into her calm eyes while listening to her purr. I think she heard me. I think she understood.  It was as if her purpose in this life had been accomplished.

Thank you, Lord, for sending me this angel in my hour of need.  I look forward to seeing her again one day.

Today's forget-me-not: my Precious

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