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I am once again linking up with blogger and author of Spiritual Whitespace Bonnie Gray to respond to another of her weekly writing prompts. Here is the question she poses this week:  What inspires you?

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When I looked up the word "inspired," I found this definition: "Inspired - aroused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something, as if by supernatural or divine influence."

So, if something inspires, if it is a true inspiration, it should animate you and move you to act.

Now, the question is, what inspires ME? The answer is simple, really. I am inspired by whatever the Holy Spirit brings to my attention or lays on my heart. Because of this reality, I am inspired by my many things as the Holy Spirit lives in me, and we are in constant communication.  As a result, I draw inspiration from a wide variety of undertakings  - so long as they are prompted by Him.  

Right now, I'm packing up my classroom at the only school I've ever taught at. For twelve years, I delivered instruction to over 1,500 students at this institution.  But in the past few years, I began to feel uninspired - stagnate. If I were a car, it would appear that I had stalled out and needed either a new battery or some gas in the tank.  

Something wasn't right.  

But then, I received what I believe to have been an inspired idea from the Spirit, Himself: I should change schools.  I should teach at the local high school closest to my family and my friends - the school in my local community. I should go and invest in those lives.  

This plan made perfect sense!  In an instant, I was inspired.  Excited, I put in for a transfer, and after two years, God opened a door.  And here I am - inspired - packing up my classroom with a renewed sense of direction and vigor for teaching.

What inspires me?  The Holy Spirit does.  He arouses my passion and animates my soul.  He moves me to act in ways I would not expect - in ways that, although they may be scary and difficult - will benefit me and mine and many more than if I had not been inspired to act. 

I know some of my colleagues think I'm crazy, but I would say, just call me inspired.  

And as I sit in my empty classroom reflecting on the twelve years I invested in this school, I find myself looking forward to the next twelve (God willing) and to what the Spirit has planned for me at my new location. #inspired

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