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I did it! I ran my first 10K of 2015!

One of my new year's resolutions for this year is to run three 10Ks.  When I blogged about my resolutions back in December, I wrote, "I don't know why this is exactly, but I've recently had a desire to run some long distance races."

See, my desire to do this is particularly odd because of my reaction to running my first ever 10K race back in 2013 - the Atlanta Peachtree Roadrace.  Here is what I wrote after running that 6.2 miles:
I hate running 6 miles.  I just don't like it because I don't understand it, for ME.  Why run 6 miles when 3 miles give you the same high but a better sense of accomplishment?  Running 3 miles also gives me what I love most about running - time with myself and the metabolism to EAT!
But despite this response to my first 10K, I felt this irresistible desire to run a few races of greater distance in 2015.

So this past weekend, after a few months of training, my hubby and I set off to Berry College and both ran the 10K of the Berry Half/10K/5K race.

Now let me just say, I fell in love with this campus!  It is BEAUTIFUL, and the running course was almost entirely FLAT!!  This place is a runner's dream come true!!!  #illbeback

pic from anthrops lm
The above pic is of the trails at Berry College. I didn't see any deer, but isn't it just beautiful?!

As I ran through the beauty that is the campus of Berry College, I couldn't help but see the goodness of our Lord. How can you NOT think about your creator while running through all that artistry?! I couldn't help but reflect on His goodness to me. And then, it happened... I heard Him say, as close to audibly hearing His voice as I've ever heard Him, "I love you."

Tears were in my eyes that first mile as I thought about how blessed I was to be running on that campus.  Breathing in the crisp, fresh air...  Drinking in the vistas... I was overwhelmed with gratitude to Jesus for prompting me to want to run more 10Ks; because if He had not done so, I would not have gone to Berry College that day.  I would have never considered running in this particular race. I would have missed this time in God's beautiful creation. I would have missed hearing His sweet voice.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is he that takes refuge in the Lord." Psalm 34:8

That is how I felt in that moment: blessed.

Continuing on with the run, the reality that I was about to complete two 5Ks - something I would normally just do once in a single weekend - set in, and I felt a sense of dread.  Thankfully though, it was fleeting...

When you embark on a longer run, the only reassurance you have that you will make it to the finish line is found in your previous training.  You've put in the hours.  You've run the miles.  You have to bank on that.  You have to remember it.  And so you tell yourself after the "Ready. Set. Go!" - I can do this! You put your trust in the training. You trust.

And so I gave myself that mental pep talk when I hit mile two.  And I felt better.  And I again heard God's voice:

"Let not your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me."  John 14:1

"Trust also in me..."

A wave of peace came over me at that point in my run.  I heard Him, again, so clearly: "Trust me." And instantly, I knew that I could.

I could trust in Him to help me finish my run. I could trust in Him to guide my family. I could trust in Him for our livelihood and our relationships and our everything!

I had an epiphany; I can do this more in my every day: trust.

I had an amazing time hearing from God on my first 10K run of this year.  I'm so glad I was obedient to the urging to take on the task of running a longer distance.  I can't wait to race another 10K and hear from God again!

Running Time 1:16:00  (a four minute improvement of my overall best 10K time)

Today's forget-me-not: He is good.  You are blessed.  Trust Him.

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