The Roman Road

One of the songs I enjoy on my running playlist is Jonathan Thulin's "Coat of Arms." It has a great tempo for when you are trying to pace yourself in a longer distance run.  But there's another reason I love this song. It really gets me thinking!  Here are some of the lyrics:
What do I stand for?
Am I left, am I right, am I up and down?
Am I east, am I west, do I wear the crown?
Is my creed worth dying for?
What do I live for?
Can you tell in my face what my heart beats for?
Do the words that I speak show it to the core?
Does my glow outshine the stars? Can you see my coat of arms?
Can you see my coat of arms?
I love the rhetorical questions!  The one that really inspires introspection in me is this one:

Is my creed worth dying for?

A creed is defined as a system, doctrine, or formula of religious belief, as of a denomination.  And this got me thinking... What about my - personal - creed?  Jamie's creed. What does Jamie believe? I instantly knew the answer.

Jamie believes the bible is God's holy, infallible, and inherent word. And while the whole bible is the foundation for who I am and how I conduct myself, there is one book within this book that sums up my theology well; it is the book of Romans. #myfavoritebookinthebible

Now, recently, I felt lead to write about my creed.  I just didn't know where to start. But after thinking about my favorite book of the bible in relation to answering the above question, "What does Jaime believe," I felt moved to write a found poem refashioning the words of the book of Romans to express my convictions.

Here it is, and I pray you enjoy it! :-)

"The Roman Road"

To the obedience that comes from faith
through Jesus Christ,
for all have sinned and fall short,
blessedness and righteousness.

Christ died for us,
the gift of God.
I a slave to sin,
but the Spirit is life and peace.

I speak the truth in Christ,
you confess and are saved.
God is irrevocable.

Love one another,
stop passing judgement,
bear with the failings of the weak,
greet one another with a holy kiss,
that all might believe and obey.

What is your personal creed?  Let me challenge you to find a way to express it, today.

Today's forget-me-not: Who I am, and what I live for. My creed.

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