my favorite superhero

Superheroes are defined as fictional characters (heroes) with extraordinary or superhuman powers. But I'm here today to tell you, not all superheroes are fictional.  I know one, personally, and she is my all time favorite! Her name is Dusty.

Christopher Reeves is often quoted as saying, "A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."  

Dusty epitomizes those words, and that is just one of many reasons as to why she is my favorite superhero!

And yes, my favorite superhero is better than yours!  Here's why...

My superhero has a tremendous capacity for grace.  She favors everyone above herself.  Dusty seems to always be asking if YOU are comfortable or if YOU need or want something she could possibly help provide.  Her goodwill is given even when it isn't merited. Now THAT is a superpower! 

My superhero is true and honest.  You are never left wondering who she really is or what she is really thinking.  She is who she is, and there isn't a false bone in her body! 

She is loyal - willing to fight for those she loves, if you let her. As her friend, I know she would be by my side in an instant if I called upon her.  She would move heaven and earth for those she loves.

Her strength is amazing. Certainly, it is superhero, grade A, strength!  Despite recently having her world ripped out from beneath her, she carries on.  Daily, she finds the strength to make tough decisions that must be made. She finds the strength to greet each day with her infectious optimism. It is astounding to see!  Yet another superhuman power, to say the least!!

And the way she loves everyone around her, it is an inspiration. It brings tears to my eyes to think about it.  Her smiles. Her hugs! They are unlike any other!!  The genuine affection she exudes when she embraces you can leave you speechless.

That's my Dusty. The best superhero out there!

Dusty - Third place female overall at the CASA Superhero 5K
I had the pleasure of going on a road trip and staying overnight in a hotel (#girlsnightout) with Dusty and my running buddy, Jaimee, this past weekend.  It was a much needed night away for all of us! And I know Jaimee would agree with me when I say, we LOVED our time with Dusty.

Everything I said above about this girl is more than true. I could never write a blog post that would do her justice.  She's just that amazing.  I could go on and on about things she did this weekend that embody what I've described above.  Suffice it to say, she is my superhero, and I can only hope and pray you all have someone like her in your lives. 

I am blessed to call her friend and, now, fellow running buddy!  We had a great time at the 5K! Although my race time wasn't the greatest (38 mins - probably due to the distraction of 10K training), my time at the race with these lovely ladies was the greatest!

White Lighting (me), Purple Flash (Jaimee), and Fuchsia Storm (Dusty): we will meet and run again at The Color Run in a few weeks! I can't wait!!  (I love our running names!!! Thank you, Jaimee!) 

Running Buddies
Today's forget-me-not: Be a superhero!  Be gracious and true and honest and loyal. Be strong. Be an inspiration. 

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