My Poem: "my struggle and my salvation"

I am really enjoying my current read: finding spiritual whitespace by Bonnie Gray.

In one of the chapters, Bonnie encourages her readers to find time to be creative:
"Do you ever find yourself thinking about her - the artistic you? God does.  He whispers, I see you. I made you. I love you."
The artistic me was exchanged for the practical me long ago.  Growing up, I wanted to be a poet, but I knew that wasn't going to pay my bills. So, I decided to go to college and major in English education.  I figured I could write poetry in my spare time. High school English teacher by day and poet by night! Well... it was a plan...

Anyway, I'm happy to say that after reading Bonnie's chapter on creative whitespace, I feel lead to try to write more poetry - and publish it here.  So, I hope you enjoy it!

"my struggle and my salvation"

my self craves control
I am the potter and I work the clay
the world is mine
I hear my mind say

but it is not
it is Yours
this is my struggle and my salvation

things I cannot mold
are the things I fight to shape
I squeeze and pinch the clay
and then I hear You say

it is not yours
let Me do the work
this is My struggle and your salvation

Today's forget-me-not: my inner poet

What gets your creative juices flowing?

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