Friday, a colleague and I took a meal to someone I used to work with.  Now, we only got the chance to work together for a year, so it wasn't like I was taking a meal to an old familiar friend.  On the contrary, we hardly got a chance that year to converse with each other.  But when I heard about his struggle with cancer and his recent chemo treatments, I signed up to take him a meal. 

I was convicted by God that I needed to do this.  And as a child of God, when you feel the Lord put something on your heart - lay something HEAVILY on your heart - you do it!  And when you follow through, it turns out you receive more of a blessing than the person you set out to be a blessing to.

You see, that's how God works.  Well, at least, that's how I've seen Him at work in my life lately. You obey Him so that He can be a blessing to others through you and - BAM! - you've been blessed in the process too! 

It felt good to give that meal away, and it was GREAT hearing my former colleague's testimony of how God was working in his life. 

People! God is at work!

As I pondered all this, I wrote down a question:

Do you want the best this life has to offer?

And right now, you are like, "Duh! Of course!"

Then hear me. No. I mean REALLY remember this...

Sell out to Jesus!  Let Him be your guide; let Him sail your ship; let Him be the author of your story.


Now, I'm not perfect when it comes to doing this... that is... giving over control of all aspects of my life to God.  In fact, I frequently fight my desire to listen to my Lord's urgings in my life.  Truly, I almost talked myself out of taking that meal to my former colleague until God intervened and insisted that I do it (long story).  But, man! I am so thankful He doesn't give up on me despite me!  I am evidence of His unending patience and His amazing love. 

People, I am a work in progress - His work.

I am His masterpiece, and because of that, I am enough.

Those lines are from the movie Mom's Night Out.  GREAT movie! A must see for every mom!  It really addresses the issue of mommy guilt - something we ALL struggle with in some form.

Basically, the message of the movie is that God chose you to be the mom for your kids. He doesn't make mistakes, so despite those days when you feel as if you are not enough for the demands that your life as a mom to your particular kids presents, YOU ARE.  You are enough.  Because He made you.  Because He is continuing to mold you and make you into everything you are meant to be.

You are enough.  I am enough.

I need to remember that the days I don't feel as if I am enough.  And there are a lot of days like that...

I need to remember that I am enough for my kids, for my husband, for my students, and for my friends.  I need to embrace that. I need to embrace ME.  I am enough because He made me.  Because He is my potter and I am His clay.

And with Him by my side, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13).

Because He is enough.

Today's forget-me-not: I am enough because He is enough.  #freedominchrist


  1. So well said My Friend!!! Everybody should read this!! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Very informative and unique tips dear. Thanks for sharing :)
    Lovely Read!