Today, I ran my 19th 5k.  And that just blows my mind...

Nineteen races! Complete!! #done

I'm dang proud of that accomplishment, and I'm proud to announce that I ran it in under 30 minutes.

29.58 to be exact. #firsttimeever

It was a repeat of a race I did this time last year for Med Assets. I loved that course then, and it continues to be a good one for me!

I never thought I'd see a twenty something on a race time, but today, I did.  And it's made me want to see that again.

If I really want that, I know what this means... it means I'll have to run more.  At least, three days a week. And I'll have to run more outside and on hills. 

But, at least now I know it's possible.  I can do it! (cue huge grin)

Anything is possible really... (cue inspirational music ;-)

With God on my side, anything is possible.  Running reinforces this truth in me.

However, I see this all the time in my life. HE pushes me to be better, and where it seems as if I'm falling short, HE fills in the gaps.  It's a beautiful thing this life lead by the Savior, Jesus.

You seriously have to meet Him and give Him the keys to your heart! It's a decision you'll never regret.

HE is my motivation.

When I'm teaching... when I'm trying to be a good friend... when I'm being a mom... and when I'm being a wife.

And when I run.

My music play list helps me focus on Him when I run, and it seriously motivates me to run faster and harder.  I want to end today's post with a link to one of my new favorites.  May it motivate you as it has me...

Today's forget-me-not: #jesus

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