I run for chocolate!

Today, I ran the sweetest 5K ever - The Hot Chocolate 15/5K!

At the conclusion of the race (the 5K for me, of course), we got a mug complete with hot chocolate, melted dark chocolate, and a marshmallow, a banana, a rice crispy treat, and pretzels for dipping! Fondue!! It was a fraction of heaven in a plastic mug!!!

The finisher's mug!
I will run this race again. I say, I - WILL - run this race again!  If only for the awesome hoodie and the grand finale of chocolate, it's worth every minute!!

One of my running chicas ran it with me today. My dear friend with the same name - Jaimee.  She just spells it wrong. hehe  (Sorry!! ;-)

It was cold! Not unbearably cold, but CoLd nonetheless!!!  It was so cold, I had the worst race time I have had in a long time - 37:01.

Bundled up!
But despite the poor race time - for which I put partial blame on the weather AND the slow pokes in the crowd who wouldn't get out of my way - the end result was BEYOND worth it!!!!

Like I said, I would do this again.  #cantwait

Today's forget-me-not: Chocolate is your friend!

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