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Well, in my previous post, I said I was going to type out 500 words every day for the month of January... then I proceeded to skip days 2 and 3 in this process.  I had A LOT going on, but you'll read about that in my verbal vomit below so I won't spoil it for you. :-)  Although I haven't gotten off to a good start with this self writing challenge, I'm not going to stop trying!  So, here it is. Another 500 of my words...     (Disclaimer: Remember, I do not edit my 500 words.  They are what they are...)

January 4, 2014

Only four days into 2014. I’m exhausted!  And I haven’t gone back to work yet!!

We rang in the new year with a diaper free house in 2014.  Potty training started on Sunday, December 29th and ended on January 1st of this new year (4 days).  I’m happy to report that the boot camp was a success!  Hannah now poo poos and pee pees on the potty most of the time taking herself there to do the deed. It seems as if she grew up all of a sudden over this break.  She’s talking a lot more – and I can actually understand her better.  And she matured.  She’s showing signs of being a compassionate little girl while having a light hearted demeanor.  I’ve enjoyed this time off with her.

Beth read a lot more over this break, and I think her reading is improving.  Her birthday is this month.  She will turn seven.  My big girl is a BIG girl, yet she hasn’t lost her innocence completely yet.  She loves playing with her dolls!  We went to the American Girl store, and she got her first American Girl doll.  She’ll have a sleepover on her birthday weekend – American Girl doll themed.  I’m excited for her.

Overall, it has been a relaxing break from work.  These last two days were particularly stressful having to deal with figuring out the new insurance my job forced me into.  As a result of this insurance, we can’t see the girls’ pediatrician anymore. Man, I really REALLY loved her!  And she knew my children - understood them – particularly Beth.  It’s just not fair that as much as I poor into other people’s kidos day in and day out, that the state in which I do this won’t enable me to do what I think is best for my own kids – give them the opportunity to see their own doctor.  Continuity of care – very important in my book – has been ripped from them, and when momma ain’t happy YOU who caused the unhappiness will be UNHAPPY too! At least, that will be mission over the next couple months…  Maybe that’s too harsh, but I’m gonna do my darndest to try to right this wrong.  Maybe it’s futile…  We’ll see. I know this: it’s worth a try.

Anyway, I go back to work on Monday feeling discouraged and unappreciated.  That’s not good for a teacher.  But I will go to work and when I see my students, I will be inspired, roll up my sleeves, and get er’ done!

Life is good.  Despite lousy healthcare. Life is good.

As for my new year’s resolutions (body, spirit, soul), they aren’t off to such a great start just yet. As for my body, I haven’t run at all these past four days.  As for my soul, I’ve been reading a devotional via a bible app, but I haven’t gotten the new Christian book on the history of the Bible that I ordered in the mail yet, so I haven’t really spent as much time on nurturing my soul as I would have liked.  As for my spirit, I think I’ve been more loving lately…  Spending time with my hubby and kids helps.  Gonna try to focus on that the rest of today. 

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