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Now that the new year has come and the routine of school has been established, I've been a bit reflective, and watching The Biggest Loser helps to facilitate reflection.

I need to take a minute to say, I love this show.  It's people striving to be better - to live better - despite their circumstances.  That's catchy!  So if you need inspiration to get started and accomplish whatever, I encourage you to watch this show!!

As I was watching the latest episode of The Biggest Loser, I wrote down some things that a few of the contestants said. I don't remember exactly which contestants said these things, so I can't put that down.  Just know that the following quotes belong to persons participating this season.

"You can make excuses, or you can get the job done - but you can't do both."

I love this one.  There are times in my life that stuff comes up, and I often let that stuff de-rail me from being the person I want to be.  NO. MORE.

Let's take a look at my resolves for 2014...

      1. Hubby and I will resolve to make one day out of every other month a day just for Beth or a    day just for Hannah.  - We haven't done this yet, but Beth's birthday is this week. It will be all about her this coming weekend.  I've just got to find a babysitter for Hannah so we can take Beth out for a special dinner. No excuses though. I can do this.

2. I will try to finish reading one Christian non-fiction book a month.  - I got the first book. Gonna start it after I finish writing this post!

3.I will run 30 mins twice a week. - DONE for this week.

4.I will run outside once a month for 30 mins and try to push that to two times a month. - Will be DONE for this month. I ran yesterday a 5k outside with my hubby, AND I will run the Hot Chocolate 5k later this month with a friend.

5.I will drink one bottled water a day while trying to increase that to two. - DONE  This is easy to do during the week at work.  One bottle, yes.  Two, some days.  It's good!

Doing these things makes me feel better about ME.  Connecting with my children and my hubby, spending time on myself, and keeping fit and healthy - all these things help me love me.  And that's a good thing - a GREAT thing.

"That's the powerful thing in loving yourself. You are now able to love someone else completely."

In my old age of 36 - hehe - I'm finding the keys to living a great life.  And God willing, I'll have plenty of years to keep using those keys. 

Today's forget-me-not:  Life can be beautiful. Just unlock the potential. 

Thank you, Jesus. You are the ultimate example of this!

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