I've been watching a lot of mindless TV lately - something I really need to cut back on - but I've been sick. So, as a result of feeling crappy and tired after a long day at work, I like to kick up my feet and transport myself to other "worlds" via a good episode of one of my - many - favorite series on television.  Anyway, the result is a yet another blog post inspired by a TV show.  This time, it's Grey's Anatomy.

Okay, before you throw stones ;-) I know it's not exactly the most Christian show, but life - reality in this world - ain't Christian, and one reason I like the show is because it's real.  Real people trying to deal with every day real problems. Often, it isn't pretty.  Well, if you want more on that perspective, you'll have to read this old post.

Any whoooo.....  In the most recent episode of Grey's, one of the characters has a miscarriage.  And as I'm watching her and her partner wrestle the emotions that come in the aftermath of this, I feel the pain of my loss all over again.

You see, it's always there.  Under the surface of every day life, it's there.  The grief.  That NEVER goes away.  You learn how to deal with it, but it's always there.  And then - unexpectedly - quite suddenly - it's THERE. 

Like when you're watching a TV show and one of the characters experiences a pain that you went through and then, IT is there again.  Fresh. Anew. An open wound. That's my reality.

I don't mind it.  Not really.  Because it forces me to remember, and I never want to forget.  My Angel.

And so, I wanted to blog about this.  Why?  Because people need to understand the magnitude of what a miscarriage does to a woman.  Because we - sufferers of a miscarriage - need to speak about this for healing and for those just now going through this pain, to encourage them in their struggle.

Discussion about loss - miscarriage - needs to happen for the topic to become less taboo.  So baby loss mommas won't feel as if they have to keep quiet. So they can find support. And so those who haven't suffered a miscarriage can know what their friends have gone through and how to love them and be there for them.

I'm passionate about this topic, can you tell?

Will you help me?

I was honored to be a part of a project inspired by a fellow baby loss momma - Katy Larsen.  She put together a book - Because They Lived - which is a compilation of stories from women who have experienced pregnancy loss - my story is included.  All proceeds from the books go to fund causes directly related to pregnancy loss. 

Katy is asking for donations so that the causes that are near and dear to our baby loss momma hearts can receive the funding they need to thrive. 

"We ask, especially at this time of year, for your support and generosity to help us reach our goals as shown in the pitch video. Pregnancy and Infant Loss is often swept to the side in our society because people just don't like death. People don't know what to say when you lose your baby. Providing comfort and education is essential to these families," Katy said.

Please go to the following page to learn more about Katy's efforts: Somewhere Over the Rainbow LLC: A Time for Thanksgiving "Because They Lived" Indiegogo Campaign

Katy asked me to be a part of the pitch video she put together.  For the video, I submitted the following pic:

It reads, "I want to place copies of Because They Lived in doctors' offices and hospitals so women can know it's okay to talk about their losses... Because Angel Lived." - Jamie
Please go to the campaign page and watch the video.  It's not too long, and it really hits home the importance of this cause. 

Today's forget-me-not:  Babies lost too soon.

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  1. AWESOME! I think it's always important to remember and to speak up about miscarriage so that others don't have to feel they should hide it. hugs!