Gimme a Break!

Teachers love - I said LOVE - break weeks.  The students look forward to these weeks to get away from all the classwork, but teachers have so many more reasons for loving break weeks. To name a few in no particular order...

1. I get to sleep in! No alarm clock - whoo hoo!!
2. I get to spend quality time with my husband and my kids.
3. I get to clean and organize my house.
4. I get to spend some time on projects I've put aside since the last break.
5. I get to catch up on some grading.  (A necessary evil when you're a teacher.)
6. I get to go to catch up on doctor's appointments and other engagements I have put off.
7. I get to be ME and not Mrs. Soandso for awhile.

So many reasons to love break weeks.

Yesterday, I was all about number three on the above list.  Cleaning doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun, and it's not.  But, the "after taste" is glorious!  The whole house smells of crisp clorox, and I feel like Mary Poppins. 

I feel whole again.

Teaching takes a lot from a person - and, as a result, from that person's family. If it's mom that's the teacher - and more often than not this is the case in the teaching profession - then it's mom who is sacrificing bits of her emotional, physical, and psychological self to the betterment of the public. It's mom who then has to come home and continue doing the same thing for her family.  And it's mom who ends up feeling so drained that she lay in her bed at night suffering the end of the day shock that comes with always giving and never receiving. 

And if momma suffers, everybody suffers.  The husband, the kids, the pets, momma's friends and extended family, and the house.  Suffering.

But then break week comes...  And there's time to put everything right again once more.  A second wind comes.  All is made new.  Hope springs eternal.  And mom thinks, "I got this. I can do this."  After all, it's for a good cause!  Optimism reigns supreme!!

Besides, there's only three weeks until the two week Christmas break!!!!

Today's forget-me-not: Your kid's teachers and/or your teacher friends.  Be sure to include them on your Christmas list this year - if only to be sure they get a Christmas thank you card.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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