Save a Rack 5K

I can officially say I have run the most confusing 5K race in the South.  Half the time, I didn't know if I was coming or going, but according to my Nike app, I did run 3.1 miles.  So when they announced that I had won first place in my age group, I took the medal without qualms! But, let me back up...

My friend Jaimee wanted to run this 5k entitled Save a Rack.  There were some ladies who put this together to raise funds so they could do the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure.  It's a cause near and dear to Jaimee's heart.  So because it was for a good cause and it gave me another chance to run with my friend, I signed up to run it with her.

Got the t-shirt!
We were ready to run!


And when one of the ladies who put together the race began to explain the course to all of us, I knew we were in trouble!  It went a little something like this... Run down this road, cross over the grass to the paved path, go under the tunnel, make sure you pass the water lady twice, come around the baseball field twice, and then back.


Well, like I said above. I ran. I did a 5K - probably not like what was intended, but I did it!  And won first place for my age group.


And Jaimee got third place!

We are both not really sure how this happened - aside from the fact that this was a smaller race and so smaller age group brackets - but we felt like we deserved the medals after running such a frustratingly confusing race, so we gladly took the medals!!! LOL
Time 33:33
Would I do this one again? NO! I like the bling bling; however, I had a hard time focusing because I was confused and frustrated for much of the race. As a result, my blood pressure was high and my breathing very labored afterwards.  I was a bit of a mess.
Today's forget-me-not: A racing piece of advice to me, myself, and I - sign up for races that have "been around the block" before and are tried and true, NOT newbie 5K races. Be kind to the body God created ;-)

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