Resolutions Review - September

This post is quite overdue.  However, better late than never, right? ;-)

In 2013...
1. Lean on Him
2. Stay Healthy
3. Live, Love, and Laugh Often

1. I've been unfocused.  Really, when all is said and done - housework, homework, and just stuff - the only thing that really matters is Jesus.  The only thing that really matters is my relationship with Him - my children's relationship with Him and my husband's relationship with Him.  Because all that is right, then ALL is right.  Isn't that right?  I know it to be true.  So why don't I spend more time with Him?  Why don't I pray more and read my bible more? I frustrate myself with the answers to those questions.  However, I'm not going to turn back. I am His, and He is mine (this blows my mind!).  God Himself. God... Oh, how I love Him. Gotta get back to loving Him more.

2. My health. I've gained back about 5 pounds. It's sweets. And eating poorly at night.  And not running enough lately. I know what I need to do to fix that. And I can do it!  No more sweets and more running!!!

3. I'm currently on my fall break.  I needed this. Time to relax.  Time to clean house - literally and figuratively.  Beth has been home with me.  It's been good.  Sometimes living and loving means rest. It has been a restful week.

Today's forget-me-not: Rest, Running, and Repentance - and in all things, Rejoice!

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