The Mayor's Challenge

Yes, I have run yet another 5k. And yes, I still love it! ;-)

This race was a night race, but that's not what made it special. It was special because two of my girlfriends that I inspired to start running ran it with me. It was each her first 5k! And I got to share the experience with them!

Me and my chicas before the race!
My friend Jaimee - on the right in the pic above - was totally in the spirit of racing.  She gave us each racing names!  Silly - but it was sooo fun!!!  Here was my Facebook post that I wrote when we arrived at the race:

White lightning (me) reporting. I'm with purple flash (Jaimee) and chocolate thunder (Nicole - on left in pic) we have just arrived at our 5k destination. Getting ready to register.
 More updates forthcoming. Out.
I hadn't laughed like that with girlfriends in a long, long time! It was a great night!!

The race was challenging - lots of literal ups and downs - but we all did great!  Jaimee didn't finish last - not even close to it.  That was her biggest fear.  And my friend Nicole ROCKED IT! She came in not even a minute after I did! Talk about motivation to try to increase my 5k time. I got competition ya'll!  And I'm the one that's been running for almost a year! geez!! ;-)

My time was 33:48.  Not bad, but I can do better.  And I think these chicas have inspired me to try harder when it comes to that.

We had fun, and I can't wait to do it again soon!

After the race.
Today's forget-me-not: Run with friends. Friends make everything better!

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