Resolutions Review - August

In 2013...
1. Lean on Him
2. Stay Healthy
3. Live, Love, and Laugh Often
At this point, I've been successfully reviewing my new year's resolutions now at the top of each month for eight months.  That's pretty darn good - if I do say so myself.  However, I'm now thinking these new year's resolutions were too vague.  I don't know.  I guess it's because they are things that will always need to be worked on?  There's no definitive moment where I can say, "Check! I did it! Now let's move on to the next task..."
Anyway, help me to remember to make more specific, accomplishable goals for 2014 when that time comes. Okay? Thanks! :-)
1. Lean on Him - I had a rough patch this past month. I got into it with a fellow sister-in-Christ. Things were said via e-mail. We eventually patched everything up; however, I realized that I have a bit of a temper.  Yes, me. In my old age - had a birthday in July and turned 36 ;-) - I have found I speak my mind a whole lot more.  Now, this isn't a bad quality to have, but the bible is pretty clear that there are times when you shouldn't speak your mind. One of those times is when you are angry.  Anyway, this has really brought me back to scripture lately.  This is a good thing that has come from this bad, yes?  I'm trying to have that quiet time in the morning with God more AND with him throughout my day. Trying to lean on Him more.  Things go so much better when this happens.
2. Stay Healthy - Doing well here. I'm back to work, and that actually helps me stay healthy! I only eat what I bring to work as opposed to everything that's in my kitchen and snacking 24/7 over the summer.  Another one of the MANY reasons that I would be a horrible stay-at-home mom! LOL
3. Live, Love, and Laugh Often -  I had a good summer with the girls. It went by too fast! I think I always say that though. Anyway, when it comes to fostering life, love, and laughter, I made a good decision this past month. I decided to take a break from potty training Hannah. 

Yes, you read that right.  Just when I thought she had clicked with the potty training, it appeared she had not.  She just wasn't listening to her body and understanding when she had to go BEFORE she went.  As a result, I was getting peed on a lot... for many... many... days... BOO!  It was stressing me out - which you know if you've read my previous posts - so the potty queen and I decided to take a 30 days break.  We'll hit it again later. Hopefully - with the help of a daycare routine and not my crazy willy nilly summer schedule - she'll get it this second time around. I'll keep you posted :-)

Today's forget-me-not: Be a creature of routine. It helps.

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