August 5th

Today, Angel turns three - without her momma.

It has been three years since that awful day I learned Angel was gone.  That day I learned our second baby would never be coming home with us.

August 5, 2010. 

I hate August 5th.  It's a day where the emotions of losing Angel come flooding back, and it's a day when the realization of what is missing from my life puts this dull ache in my heart that just doesn't seem to go away. 

I never got to know her.  What would it be like to have a three year old here, right now? What would she look like? Who would she be?

I miss her.

Today, I remember Angel. And today, I remember my friend Mary's lost princess, Taylor - who was lost one year ago on this day.

I hate August 5th.

We miss you little ones!

Today's forget-me-nots: Angel and Taylor


  1. :( !!! anniversaries are so hard! hugs to you and Mary and your families

  2. (((HUGS)))Jamie!!! I am so sorry!!! There really are no words. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for remembering our Taylor too!! It means a lot to me!! Your precious Angel was remembered with an orange candle last night. It was a pumpkin spice candle and smelled so good. I could just see Angel leaning in close to it to get a good sniff and the smile on her face when she did. Then I could see her take Taylor's little hand and run off to play. I have quite a vivid imagination:) It's nice to see them even if it is only in my mind:) Your little Angel looks a lot like Beth with a little Hannah mixed in. She has long blonde hair that has a slight wave to it. She has beautiful blue eyes and a cute little nose, a lot like Hannah's. She has Beth's smile and she talks a lot. She is a beautiful little girl! It may only be in my head, but I can see her! I love her Jamie! Angel Wills will NEVER be forgotten!!! Lots of love to you and your precious family!!!