3 Day Potty Training - Day 3

I woke up this morning NOT OPTIMISTIC about how the day would go and end.  I was not looking forward to doing the same thing I had done the past two days as I felt sure I would have the same results.  So I did what everyone does when looking for a plan B, I started searching YouTube. :-)

I found a video of a lady potty training her child in ONE day.

I watched this video and thought, "Wow.  This is so peaceful... so perfect... so not what is going on with Hannah and I right now." I figured, "What the heck! I'm gonna give THIS a try."

So when Hannah woke up, we had breakfast, and I got her pee pee Elmo doll out. I put him in a baby doll diaper, got his "panties" ready, and prepared to mimic what the lady in the video had done.

Now, I had basically done this with Hannah with the potty queen's 3 day method minus the cutie example of the doll, but I thought this would be a good way to further reinforce to Hannah what I wanted from her.

Then, I did a 3 day potty training no, no.  I thought this would really "piss" off the potty training queen. LOL!

I made Hannah sit on the potty.

According to the queen, you NEVER have a child sit on the potty until they go, but I couldn't help it. I just thought, if Hannah could just release a huge pee pee in the potty, I'm sure she would see how AMAZING it is - especially after the big deal I would make out of it ;-)

So we sat on the potty and read books, and watched YouTube videos of Elmo on the potty via my phone, and drank juice, and had a sucker... and... SHE PEED!  And, she looked shocked!  And, I was shocked! And, we threw a party!!! 

And before nap today, we did that again TWO other times.  We sat on the potty - after I could see via her pee pee dance that she needed to go - and she went in the potty!  And we had a party! We had some parties this morning, people!

Now, after the exciting morning, I wondered if she would do this again in the afternoon, and she did!  However, I didn't want to get too excited.  At the time, she was only going to the potty after I would insist that we got sit on it for awhile.  I couldn't guarantee she would TELL anyone when she NEEDED to go, and I knew I couldn't expect anyone at church or the YMCA or elsewhere to sit with her until she went.  Could I venture out with her at this point?

I decided it was worth the risk, so I put a pair of the thicker panties on her - figuring if she did have an accident for the church workers tonight it might not be so bad in these - then I packed her bag full of extra clothes and thicker panties, and went to church...

Where... when she was asked if she needed to go potty, she said yes.  She went to the potty for the church worker in the little church potty! She went to the potty for someone else, ya'll!!  Now, she did have an accident later that night, but hey, it's 50/50 right?!

Then - you won't believe this - when we got home, HANNAH asked ME to go to the potty! And when I put her on the potty, SHE WENT!

She told me she needed to go AND she went!!! 

A great ending to the past three days.  I'll update later about how things go from here, but I'm happy! It clicked!!!

As for the three day method from the queen Lora Jensen, I stand behind what I've said before. This method is worth a try. I know it can work. However, don't be afraid to change things up based on what you think YOUR child needs to succeed.  It gives you a place to start. I would highly suggest it! 

To those that have still yet to potty train one of their kidos - good luck! Potty training is hard!!! May the force be with you!!!

Today's forget-me-not: Be flexible. Stay flexible.

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