3 Day Potty Training - Day 2

So, I woke up this morning all hopeful.  Day 2 of potty training with Beth had moments of encouragement and thus the promise that the method was going to work.  Beth had made it to the potty 50% of the time on day 2.  Surely Hannah would at least make it once?!

No. Not really.

She likes to sit on the potty at times. One of these moments resulted in a raindrop of pee - which I then proceeded to make a HUGE deal out of.

She also had a moment where I caught her peeing, ran across my living room with her to the bathroom (we'll talk about the carpet some other time),  and she let me put her on the potty to finish it (which she normally fights me about).  We made ANOTHER HUGE DEAL out of that "accomplishment."  You would think my "let's please mommy" girl would be all about getting her pee in the potty...

Nope.  I've seen another side to my sweet Hannah these past two days, and it ain't pretty!

The rest of the day went either one of two ways - always one of these two ways...

First, she at times tells me that she has to go potty.  I take her to said potty where she then exclaims, "No Potty!" Then she goes back to whatever she was doing.


Second, I catch her in the act of peeing. I yell, "Potty!" I run her to said potty where she continues to pee until I try to sit her on the potty.  Two things happen at this point: She either sits on the potty and refuses to finish her pee in the potty, "No Potty!" Or she refuses to sit on the potty at all (this happens most of the time).

This has basically been the last two days for me. 

I'm tired. I smell like pee. My house smells like pee.  I feel like a walking zombie right now. 

However, I'm committed to this.  As I said before, I know this method is worth the try. I know this can work.

Will it work with Hannah?  That remains to be seen.

I can tell you this though. I will give it all I got for three days, but after tomorrow, I need my life back! I've only got one more day of this in me... I think... 

As for what I'll do if day three shows no improvement?  Well, that, my dear readers, is for another post...

Today's forget-me-not: Don't be a quitter! Fulfill your commitment!

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