3 Day Potty Training - Day 1

I know people think I'm crazy, and frankly, I don't care. 

I'll be honest. I often do care what people think about me; however, when it comes to this, I don't.

I KNOW this is worth a try!

This 3 day potty training boot camp thing - it's the real deal! It CAN work!!

How do I know that? I tried it with Beth before she turned two, and it worked!  As a result, I became a believer in the Lora Jensen potty training methodology.

And now, it's Hannah's turn to take this journey with me.

I'll continue to be honest with you.  During day 1 today, doubts started to creep in...  At times, I found myself losing faith in Lora Jensen's method.  But then, I remembered day 1 with Beth. It was awful. She never made it to the potty, not even once on day 1.  Just like Hannah today.  So, I've got to stick with it... I've got see this through... Can it work with child number two?!

That remains to be seen.

We had some difficulty this morning. Everything was going okay, but then she suddenly wouldn't sit on the potty anymore.  She'd pee, I'd run her to the potty, and she wouldn't sit to finish.  She clung to me in terror. She screamed and whimpered most of the morning - frequently peeing all over me.

After her nap, I used M&Ms to get her to start "trying" on the potty and thus love the potty again.  That worked.  However, she still isn't making it to the potty. Yet.

She has figured out if she says, "Potty." Mommy will sweep her off her feet and run to the bathroom with her.  She gets a kick out of this. But she only says "potty" when she doesn't have to go to the potty. We'll work on that some more tomorrow.

As for the cause of her freak out this morning?  I'm guessing it was the newness of it all? The feel of pee in panties all over herself?  The realization that she could actually feel an urge to pee and maybe even control it?  Whatever it was, it was too much for her little brain, so she took over a 3 hour nap.

Which mommy was very thankful for!

And mommy is praying that tomorrow Hannah will AT THE VERY LEAST get the pee in the potty ONCE!  With Beth, it was 50/50 on day two, but with Hannah, I'd be happy to see it happen just once.  PLEASE, LORD JESUS! PLEASE!!

Today's forget-me-not: Persistence is key! Right?!


  1. How does this bootcamp work? I'm trying to start potty training with Sophie at 16 months, but I'm not consistent.

  2. Joanna - Shoot me an e-mail at mrsnice777 at hotmail.com and I'll explain!