summer running away

Things have been super busy! I kinda like summer that way - action packed ;-)

However, it could slow down now... please!

This week has been VBS week at my church.  I love teaching VBS! It's really easy; it's really fun; it's really rewarding!!!

But it's really tiring, too.  I had us in a new summer routine, but VBS started and got us out of whack. One thing really out of whack - my running schedule. I haven't run since last week! And the worst thing about this, I run my first 10k on July 4th - next Thursday!!!

I'm freaking out!

I plan on going to the YMCA on Saturday and running, and I plan on running on Monday. Other than that, no other plans to run.  I've gotten up to running as much as almost 5 miles practically non-stop, but is that enough to expect to run the 10k non-stop?  We'll see...

Truthfully, I don't think I'll do another 10k after this one.  Although, who knows. Maybe I'll run this and love it and start running more 10ks.  But, I don't think so. I really think the 5k distance is my forever racing love.  My time has been improving in 5ks, and a 5k ends at just the right time for me - when I think my heart and lungs are about to burst! LOL

Having said that, here are my goals for my first (and possibly last) 10k:

1 - Have fun! Enjoy the Peachtree atmosphere! I've been told the Peachtree is as iconic as and as exciting as the Boston Marathon.
2 - Run it as much as possible - but allow myself an occasional break at a water station (if I feel the need).
3 - Remember my new running mantra from my previous post... Relax, have fun, enjoy the run, pace yourself.

I'm running this mostly for two reasons: First, to say I've run a 10k.  Second, to say I've run the Peachtree. It's not about achieving a certain time for me. It's about doing it!

And despite my lack of training this week, I WILL do this!

And then half of my summer will be over - a realization that sucks!!!! 

But, that's for another post ;-)

I'll leave you with a bit of my wisdom and a glimpse of my VBS room.

Today's forget-me-not: Never back away from a challenge!

Space Mountain at Colossal Coaster World VBS

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