altar call

Just read this in Hind's Feet On High Places:

"Then she [the protagonist, Much-Afraid] did that which only a short time before had seemed utterly impossible.  She knelt down at the foot of the precipice and built an altar and laid on it her will, her dread, and her shrinking, and when the fire had fallen she found among the ashes a larger and rougher-looking stone than any of the others, sharp-edged and dark in color, but otherwise quite ordinary looking."

Much-Afraid does this at key points in the book. She takes the time to build and visit an altar where she lays down her will, her self, her everything to/for the Great Shepherd (God).  And the result?  She is changed.

The truth here?  I need to take the time for altar calls - i.e. I need to have a quiet time.

Unfortunately, I have gotten away from this.

I know I said in a previous post that a set time each day isn't really necessary; however, when I go back and reread that post inspired by another post I had read, the alternative to having a set quiet time is instead being deliberate about nurturing my relationship with God whenever I can.

Either way, I am the common denominator. I have to initiate.  I am His temple, but this temple needs an alter and needs to be visited regularly.

I hear you, Lord. Loud. And. Clear.

Today's forget-me-not: Have quiet times with God, as regularly as is possible!

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