Summer Goals

I have to have goals so that I feel productive.  Because if I don't feel productive - like I'm making a difference somehow - depression creeps in.

This is me. I know this about myself.

So, here are some goals for the summer!

For Hannah (and in this order) - 
  1. Break her of the pacifier!
  2. Throw a great second birthday party for her :-)
  3. Have her potty trained before she returns to daycare and I to work.
For Beth -
  1. Have her reading better.
  2. Put together a new daily chore schedule and allowance for her.
  3. Start a nightly devotional.
I like my summer to focus on my girls.  It's my time to reconnect with them.  Work - by the end of the school year - throws that out of alignment, so I guess you could consider summer the chiropractor for my family dynamic.

One of the perks of teaching.

Today's forget-me-not:  Take advantage of your time off from work to work on your family.

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