I am Much-Afraid

I'm learning so much while reading this book Hinds' Feet on High Places. The book I mentioned in a previous post. I'm scared to think about what ultimately God will have me do with this new insight, and at the same time, I'm eager for it!

I have to share some of what I've been reading with you! I found a link to the opening of the book. Here is some of it. This is right after Much-Afraid has let the Great Shepherd plant his thorn in her heart - the Christian parallel being when we first accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior (i.e. become a Christian).

Anyway, this is right after she is saved:

She walked singing across the first field and was halfway over the next when suddenly she saw Craven Fear himself coming toward her. Poor Much-Afraid; for a little while she had completely forgotten the existence of her dreadful relatives, and now here was the most dreaded and detested of them all slouching toward her. Her heart filled with a terrible panic. She looked right and left, but there was no hiding place anywhere, and besides it was all too obvious that he was actually coming to meet her, for as soon as he saw her he quickened his pace and in a moment or two was right beside her.

Oh, how right on this is! Once you've given your heart to Jesus, everything - at first - seems to be all sunshine and roses. Then, reality sets in. The reality that you are different, but everything else is entirely the same.

Here is how this continues...

 She shrank away from him and shook with terror and loathing. Unfortunately this was the worst thing she could have done, for it was always her obvious fear which encouraged him to continue tormenting her. If only she could have ignored him, he soon would have tired of teasing and of her company and would have wondered off to look for other prey. In all her life, however, Much-Afraid had never been able to ignore Fear. Now it was absolutely beyond her power to conceal the dread which she felt.

Her white face and terrified eyes immediately had the effect of stimulating Craven’s desire to bait her. Here she was, alone and completely in his power. He caught hold of her, and poor Much-Afraid uttered one frenzied cry of terror and pain. At that moment Craven Fear loosed his grasp and cringed away.

The Shepherd had approached them unperceived and was standing beside them. One look at his stern face and flashing eyes and the stout Shepherd’s cudgel grasped in his strong, uplifted hand was more than enough for the bully. Craven Fear slunk away like a whipped cur, actually running...

The Shepherd came to her aid! He was there with her - despite the fact she couldn't see him or feel him at the time - and He took care of her.

Do you see it?! Do you see the wisdom conveyed in this book?

Oh, I could write more and go on and on, but suffice it to say, you have to read this!

I have to continue reading this. My hope is that it will answer the great question I have been struggling with...

How should I approach my work environment come the end of July? When I go back there, I need a game plan - because that's me - goals and game plans.

I'll let you know what I learn! I am, after all, the protagonist of this novel. I am Much-Afraid.

Today's forget-me-not: He is always there with you. Fear not!

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