Chiefs 5K

The track and field program of the high school where I work at put together a 5k as a fundraiser. 

I had to run it! How could I not!?

It started out overcast with a mild temp.  It began to rain before the race, and I thought, "I will never run again in my hometown - it always rains when I run here!" ;-)

Thankfully, it cleared up right before the race.

Some of my students were there to run the race too!

I really wanted to impress them with my new running ability.  However, as soon as the gun went off and the race began, they left me in the dust!  LOL  I expected as much.

Anyway, I wanted to do better than my previous 34:30 5k time.  And, I did!  By two seconds. hehe


I don't think I'll ever be able to run a 5k any faster than 34 minutes.  Time will tell, but my breathing sucks. I'm pretty sure that's holding me back.  Unfortunately, I have mild asthma, so I'm not sure how I can improve my breathing and thus my running time while dealing with that.  Anyway, I'm not gonna give up, so time will tell...

post race banana
As you can see in the background of this pic, the morning rain had ruined the running course!  As a result, check out my shoes:

Gotta clean those puppies ASAP!

Overall, it was a successful 5k.  Not sure what my next one will be. Gonna start looking for that new challenge soon.

Rocking my new t-shirt!
Today's forget-me-not: Find something physical that you can enjoy doing.  It's fun, and it'll help with fitness!

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