Resolutions Review - May

In 2013...
1. Grow Spiritually
2. Stay Healthy
3. Live, Love, and Laugh Often
Update in 1... 2... 3...
1. I don't know that I'm making progress here with resolution number one to grow spiritually.  I mean, I'm doing things. As I looked back at my other resolutions posts, I'm going to my Wednesday night bible study, and I'm listening to sermons on the way to school and other things... But I don't feel as if I've "grown".  And as I type that I'm thinking, "What is that really supposed to mean, Jamie, that you want to 'grow spiritually'?"
I guess my real desire here is just to have a better relationship with my Lord - a deeper relationship. I want something more intimate, and I believe He wants that with me.  I'm just not sure what more to do to get that with Him.  Perhaps, nothing?
Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God."

Perhaps I should take a daily, "Here I am, Lord!" approach?

I'm gonna start praying for this in my life - a deeper relationship.  I'm gonna pray and expect great things!

2. As for staying healthy, I'm still going strong with my Ease into a 10K running app - training for The Peachtree.  I'm running 40 minutes now with just a few one minute walk breaks.  Going to keep at it and going to try to schedule another 5K soon. :-)

3. Living, loving, and laughing was a priority this past Saturday as we took time to go out to the Renaissance Festival with a good friend of mine who was in town.  We haven't been to a festival like this as a family, um, EVER, so it was a nice - FUN - change in our agenda.  I would highly recommend it - especially if you have a daughter who is a princess at heart like my oldest.  She loved it!

My little comedian!
My little princess!
Today's forget-me-not: Force yourself to do something different every now and then!  It's fun and refreshing!

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