Race Plans for 2013 - The beginning...

I am getting excited!  My first 5K of 2013 is this Saturday!!!

It is the ANNUAL RUN FOR THE CHILDREN 5K and FUN RUN in my hometown. My only goal for this is to finish strong - which for me means to run it all (no walking) and be around my best time for a 5K which is 35 minutes.  I can't wait!!!

The next run on the books is one my hubby and I are doing together: The Color Run - Atlanta. This looks like a lot of fun!  A few of my students encouraged me to do this with them. I'm not psyched about getting "color" thrown all over me, but I'm up for new things. :-)

Lastly, hubby and I have just thrown ourselves into the Peachtree Roadrace lottery.  If chosen - I'll know Monday - this will be my first 10K, and I'll start training for that during spring break in April.

Man! I'm so excited!!!  Did I say that already? hehe

Today's forget-me-not: To experience life fully, challenge yourself! And have fun doing it!!!

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