my other child

Today, a girlfriend and I got together to scrapbook.  I LOVE to scrapbook!  However, the only way any scrapbooking gets done by me is if a friend invites me over to do it.  I have to literally schedule scrapbooking, or it doesn't happen.  Much like most things in my life... but that's for another post ;-)

Anyway, I'm making a family scrapbook with pages dedicated to forget-me-not moments.  I have a page for Beth and a page for Hannah commemorating their births.  Then I realized, I don't have a page for my other child - my Angel! 

I have THREE not TWO children.

So, I made it a priority to complete a page for Angel.  Here is the result:

Today's forget-me-not: is you, Angel. I'll never forget YOU.

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