My First Race of 2013


The morning started and ended like this...

I was very unsure about doing this race. I hate running in the rain!

Or so I thought...

It actually wasn't that bad!  It was kinda fun, but I was sure my time would suck.  I mean, here I am running in my first race since October? In the rain?  This is going to go down as one of my worst times for a 5K, for sure. However...

I ran it in 34:30! That is actually MY BEST TIME SO FAR FOR A 5K!

(cue happy dance)

I even finished 6 out of 10 in my age group!  I wasn't last!!! 

(I'll save you from another happy dance.)

The one thing that did suck about the race was the situation with the shirts.  When I got there, they only had larges.  Yes, I had pre-registered, so yes, they should have had a shirt for me.  They screwed up.  You just DON'T screw up on a runner's t-shirt. LOL  ;-)  Anyway, they gave me that large and a small from last year, so I ended up with two shirts.  It was for a good cause, and my running time was great, so I'll forgive them. :-)

So far, a great start to the running season!  Aside from this cough I now have from running in the rain and 40 degree weather, I have a great sense of accomplishment.  And sorry for sounding like a credit card commercial but... that is priceless!

Today's forget-me-not: Don't back down from a challenge - run with it!  (pun intended)


  1. awesome, Jamie! I detest running, I'm very proud/ in awe of you for doing this.