What a day...


It started at 4am. Yes. 4. A. M.

I had to get up and get ready early so I could take Hannah to get ear tubes. She's had the same ear infection since right after Thanksgiving. This was her second or third like this, so it was more than time for ear tubes.

Anyway, we get in the car, and I tell my GPS where I want to go. It leads me to a ghetto looking alley and pronounces after I hit the railroad tracks in said ghetto town that I am at my destination.

My heart begins to pound a million times a minute.

I am NOT at my destination Tom Tom (my GPS)!

So I turn the car around - frantically looking for my destination - and I even tried my phone GPS. However, it led me back to the tracks.


I call my husband - crazy and about to start weeping - and beg him to be my Tom Tom. He awakens and tries to load his computer to find out where I am on a map.

In the mean time, I try Tom Tom again. I notice Tom Tom has a Canton Rd. address and a Canton Rd. NE address option when I type in Canton Rd. (which is what was on the surgical center's website). So while Michael is trying to wake up and log on to his computer, I decide to try Tom Tom again, but this time with the NE on the end of it... just in case...

And FINALLY - 15 minutes late - I get to the surgical center!

I hurriedly tell my husband thanks and never mind, and I rush into the building with my toddler.

The lady could instantly tell I had not had a good morning.

I told her what happened, and a man behind me said, "I had a hard time finding this place too!" He overheard what I said about it being Canton Rd. with a NE attached to it, and he said, "They need to fix that on their website."

Thankfully, the lady behind the counter e-mailed the website administrator right then and there about the need for that addition. Future citizens who try to type their address into a GPS will have a better morning than mine started out. Great. (Yes, add some sarcasm to that last word.)

Anyway, I survived today. The day of getting lost on the way to my daughter's surgery. I survived my daughter's surgery - and if you've ever had a child put under anesthesia, you know what I mean. I survived today - the day where my husband took the other child (my 6 year old) to also be put under and have three teeth pulled. I survived being doctor mom to two cranky children this morning. Both of which are taking naps right now.

Thank you, Jesus!

I survived!

Today's forget-me-not: I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

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  1. I have been there, but never two at once. That is rough! Praying for quick healing for those beautiful girls!!