I was watching TV in the living room with my husband.  The girls were playing in Beth's room - like they often do.  Then, I heard screaming... Hannah's screaming.

I ran in there to find big sissy trying to console Hannah who was standing and holding her right arm in pain - and screaming.  Did I mention she was screaming?

I asked Beth what had happened and to tell me the truth - no one was in any kind of trouble, not to worry about that.  She said Hannah had tried to climb on top of her small Pooh table and fell off.  I noticed the chairs beside the table and thought she had knocked her arm on the chair when she fell.  It would be okay though...  Right?

However, after twenty minutes of non stop crying/screaming later while clinging to her arm in pain, I knew I had to take her to the ER. 

You know how the wait is in an ER? Enough said on that.

It was established that she had a buckle fracture on the top of her right arm.  Not a bad one, but just enough to cause some pain and require some wrapping up. Oh - and it has won her a trip to the ortho Monday morning.  :-/

Not happy she has to wear this. Not happy AT! ALL!!
I'm tired.  After Friday's DAY and now this... I'm emotionally - and financially - overdrawn!

Looking for today's forget-me-not... Can't find one right now. I'll let you know.


  1. Oh now! Poor baby! And poor mom! Hope she gets to feeling better soon!

  2. So sorry Jamie! I'm praying for you guys!

    I know how you feel a little. My son fractured his upper humorous on his left arm last JUNE and we are still dealing with it!

    He has had so many x-rays and even a bone graft on it and still isn't clear yet! Hopefully he will get the all clear on it when he goes for yet another x-ray on the 21st. If not, he will need ANOTHER bone graft!

    I hope they can cast Hannah's arm and that it will heal quickly. They couldn't put a cast on my son's because it was too high up. That made it VERY hard for him to sleep or even sit without pain.

    These things just really suck and I am very sorry that your family is going through so much at one time!

    You all are in my prayers my friend!!!

  3. Ouchie! Look how stinkin cute she is though! :) hope things get better for you, mama! ♡