my other groom

Tonight was the second session of the Wednesday night bible study I started last week.  The study is entitled Restore My Heart, and it is by Denise Glenn.

During this study, we examine all of the customs surrounding Jewish weddings and draw parallels from that to what Jesus has done for us - he being the groom and we (the church) being His bride.

Wow... I am learning more than I could possibly share here!  However, there was one thing that particularly impressed me - the tradition of the Arrabon.

Basically, a Jewish man - after paying the bride price for the woman his father chooses for him to marry - gives the girl an engagement ring (Arrabon) - if she decides that, yes, she would like to marry him.  The Arrabon is like "earnest money" - a deposit to ensure that he will follow through with the marriage.  It's a betrothal ring. 

Jesus has done the same for us - his bride, the church.  He paid our bride price (died on the cross for our sins) and then gave us an Arrabon - the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit is the guarantee that one day Jesus will come for his bride, and following, we will be at the marriage supper of the lamb.

He has done this for us!  He is our groom - MY groom.  I am betrothed to Him, and He to I.

So, I've decided to start wearing an Arrabon to symbolize this relationship I have with my Jesus.  I will wear it where Jewish women traditionally wear theirs - on the pointer fingers of their right hands. 

His love for me is amazing... I'll have to share more from this study later. It's deep. It's moving.  It's my Jesus.

Today's forget-me-not: If you have accepted Jesus' proposal to be His bride, you have His Arrabon (the Holy Spirit).  You are loved.  You are His, and He is yours.

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