Setting a Goal

I've posted previously that I intend to get certified to teach health and physical education.  Well, I thought I'd "write down" some goals that will help me work toward this. 

First, I will purchase a study guide for the exam as soon as we get our tax return, so that is some time in February.

Second, I will register for the test by the end of April.

Third, June 15th is the test!

IF I don't pass it on the first try, I will try again in October.  IF I don't pass it in October, I'll take that as a sign from God. God saying, "Jamie, I want you teaching English."  And, I'll be okay with that. I love English, but I have room for new passions - this might just be one of those new passions.

Something feels right about this... And I just need to give it a try!

Today's forget-me-not: Don't be afraid to follow the where you feel your heart leading.  Even if you hit a dead end, you will have grown from the experience.  God works together all things for the good of those that love Him.

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